The X362 Suite

X362 offers a unique set of tools to better engage your audience and create a powerful strategy for achieving your organization’s mission.  













Build Your Community

X362 creates the perfect environment for your community to gather together... that's why this platform exists.  What if you had software that actually help build your community?

Guide People 

What if your community technology was built to guide people to their next step of engagement?  X362 is built to guide people, connect people, and help them realize they are not alone.

Make Strong Connections

What if you could help people in your community realize they are not alone?  What if people knew there were others just like them.  X362 is designed to help each individual see those who share commonality and those they might learn from.

Every Person is Unique

We are all designed as unique individuals and we desire to be treated that way.  X362 allows people to express who they are in context of your community.

Help Guide Next Steps

Entering into a community can be overwhelming.  This is why X362 takes such care to intentionally guide each individual into your community and consistently works to help guide them to what's most relevant to their needs.

Match People to their Interests

Each individual's profile helps you better strategically connect that individual with rich resources, people, and opportunities specifically matched to their unique interests.

Target Marketing

What if you could create content that landed in the mailbox of those who care most about each item's purpose?  Now you can, X362 targets each item of content specifically to the members who match the purpose of the item of content.

One Entry - Multiple Distributions 

Loading your content through your X362 engine allows you to load content once and watch that content distribute to a dozen different distributions channels... all automatically.


Simplify the management of your podcast by allowing X362 to publish your podcast and create sub podcast directories.

Events that Build Community

Events are not meant to be stand alone activities, they were meant to help build your community.  X362 perfectly guides event attendees into your larger community and vision.

Stay Connected After Events

Keep the momentum moving after an event by mobilizing event attendees into a Group to stay connected, share content, open discussions, and more.

Simply Manage Events

X362 has all the tools you need to simply manage your event - payments, speaker management, exhibitor management, email sender, analytics, and plenty more.

Targeted Emails

Send emails to highly strategic audiences.  X362 allows you to focus your email marketing campaigns to highly refined groups of people based on your unique Community DNA.

Automated Notifications

Each member of your community has their own portal for managing notifications.  These notifications only alert them when new content is available specific to their interests.

Integrated Social Media Sharing

Ever get frustrated having to load the same item of content in multiple places?  X362 allows you to automate postings to Facebook and Twitter with a simple click.

Groups from Events

What happens to people after they attend one of your events?  What if you could keep the energy alive and place them into a group to continue the impact of the event?

Launch your own Group

Members can launch their own groups to connect with other people just like them who share a specific interest inside of your community.

Group Management Tools

Each group has rich group management tools like a community content board, email sender, analytics, and more.

Community DNA Analytics

Access analytics about your specific community to help you make better decisions for the future by truly understanding your audience and their habits.


Access rich reports for your events to understand trends, audiences, and more.  Use these to better equip your speakers and exhibitors to better understand the audience.

Google Analytics

For greater details on traffic, bounce rates, and other information you can embed your own GA code right into your community site.

We all use multiple systems to manage our data today.  How these systems work together and communicate is important to use.  X362 has build simple to complex integration solutions all based on a belief that your data belongs to you and that data management should be simple.

  • Salesforce Integration
  • ServiceReef Integration
  • API
  • Data exports and imports

Simple Webpage Design

What if you had the tools to easily create a webpage?  X362 has built an extremely simple website design tool to help you communicate your message how and when necessary.

Simple Page Structuring

Your website belongs to you and you shouldn't have to have a web designer do each little thing.  X362 allows you to easily build your website structure.

Public & Private

Create pages only visible to your members or other pages that are public and visible to anyone.

Jobs that Match to People

What if your members could search for jobs that matched their personal interest?  X362 takes the guess work out jobs of relevance.

Manage each Job

Jobs require a lot of management.  Your X362 suite provides you an application builder, inquiry form, analytics, email sender, and more.

Beyond Your Organization

You steward a community and often you have other organizations wishing to share their jobs in your community.  X362 allows you tools to host these jobs and charge for the postings.

Many of the X362 communities have partnerships with other organizations who host an X362 community.  The Community to Community module allows for communities to link together and share content, events, and other resources.

Connect with other Members

Allow your members to connect with each other and be matched with others who share common interest.  

Host an Organization Directory

Created automated matches between individuals and organizations.  Manage an online directory of businesses or organizations who are part of your community.  

Making a Large Community Feel Small

How can you take a large group of people and help people feel connected?  X362 is designed to connect people with other who share common interest.  These common interest groups help make a large community small.